How to Clean & Dry Clean Vintage Clothing, Lace, Crochet, and Sweaters

You can find some really unique vintage clothing that will require some extra love. I've written up this guide based off my own experience over the past year in cleaning clothing. I will cover how to hand wash a variety of fabrics, when to dry clean, and taking care of antique/delicate fabric.


Fashion's Night Out Grand Rapids Event! One Girl's Treasure, Urban Exchange, freebies, and sales found!

I attended Fashion's Night out in Grand Rapids. It had a modest number of shops that were participating, but friendly atmosphere, free treats, and sales made for an awesome night.

I started out with my favorite resale boutique in Grand Rapids, One Girl's Treasure on Lyons St. and the owner had chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake puffs, and champagne for shoppers. Live music played in the background, and overall was my favorite store to visit for this event.

My roommate Michelle, picked up a super cute vintage printed shirt.

We continued on and took to trolly from lee & birch to Urban Exchange on Fulton St. which had some amazing 50% percent off sales a good number of items. They had cupcakes and white wine. I had the raspberry cream cupcake which was delicious.

I picked up a long free people blouse from urban exchange for half off!

Afterwards I went and visited some friends. It was an awesome night. Next year I'd like to see how Fashion's Night Out is in a bigger city like Chicago.


Casual Kodona Mori-boy, Pageboy, Victorian inspired Outfit Run Post

Mondays & Wednesday are the longest days for me. I have studio classes from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm, so I want to be comfortable. Today I put together an all brown casual boystyle look. Mind my hair and makeup, it's been a long day.


Anime World Chicago JFashion Show pictures

Zoe and I represented Dolly Kei at a convention in Chicago two weeks ago. I've been moving back to college and I've been waiting for the internet to get set up my new place.

Here's us together. Outfit rundown and pics under the cut.


How to Thrift for Anything! Advice for vintage shopping for clothing, accesories, dresses in Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, Estate Sales, and Online


Selection of my recent favorite thrift store finds. All found locally! Ethnic metallic gold embroidered, lined & beaded Indian tunic, pink gunne sax knee length dress, and 80s blue embroidered gypsy maxi dress. My heart was beating a million miles a second when I found that gunne sax dress.

Summer is upon us! While I'm been away I'm been continuing my endless crawl around town for amazing forgotten treasures. I'm slowly building up a wardrobe of amazing Dolly Kei/Gypsy-esque items, it's almost like I have a mini chunk of Grimoire Shop in my closet. It makes me so happy to see it all starting to become visually cohesive and completely unlike anyone else's closet. As, that is my favorite part: finding unique, beautiful items that can't be found anywhere else. For me, that is what makes vintaging a great adventure! All the places you go and never knowing what will pop up: 20s flapper dress, 70s psychedelic prints, 80s ethnic revival, 60s mod, or modern designer brand names. Anything is game!

Rule number one, if you don't play you can never win!


Trend: Tribal Psychedelic Prints & Fashion Illustration, Inspired by Marc Jacobs

I love the current look that came back in style: tribal prints. Marc Jacobs did a line of crazy prints for the summer that inspired me to draw the sketches above. The dresses featured here I found for cheap at target, but I like them just as much. I tend to have really good luck finding summer dresses at Target for some reason. Amazing photography by Michael Duschene.



A small preview of behind-the-scenes shots of tomorrow post. Photographs by my friend bobby, his deviantart is here.

Everything changes. The seasons, the styles, and most of all the people and feelings.

Making the transition back from school in Grand Rapids to back home in Tinley Park has been challenging in a number of ways. Testing my organizational abilities, trying my dedication to plans and goals I have for myself, and showing how strained some of the relationships I have are.

Looking back, I did well with my finals and I am happy with the results. I am also amazed by the wardrobe I've been able to build for myself in a matter of months. I feel my style has changed completely, and for the better, since fall. It's amazing how much one person can change in a matter of 6 months, and yet still be unable to change other things with people whom you love. (above pic unrelated in case you're wondering)

That aside, now I feel confident to officially announce that in a few weeks I'm planning on opening a vintage clothing and handmade jewelry webshop. I have many high quality items that will appeal to a variety of styles.

I will do a small presale of cherry picked items to the lolita community and maybe fairy kei community. So keep an eye open for that. I'll be sure to post a link here of some of the items.


Modern Vintage Chicago Highlights: Victorian, Scottish, Italian & Edwardian Antique Jewelry & Russian Ethnic Clothes

Here's the crew for the day. From lefthand to right: Me, Tori, Zoe, and plus my man behind the camera, Mike!

Modern Vintage Chicago had a two floor indoor show last weekend bursting at the seams with designer vintage fashion, ethnic clothing, and beautiful antiques! Here's part one of my adventure on Saturday to the event!


Outfit Post & Review for Wealthy Street, Grand Rapids Vintage and Antiques: Phil's Stuff and The Brass Owl

I have a nice long post for you today! I'm sharing today's outfit and talking about the vintage stores down wealthy street: Phil's Stuff & and The Brass Owl.

These sunglasses are so ridiculous, and I liked the colors so I couldn't pass such a strange find up! My roommates as bought a matching pair. Today I'm wearing them with my 70s psychedelic art nouveau print shirt I picked up from Vintage Heaven, with green jeans, and beige lace loafers I found over the weekend. Just a casual outfit today for going to class and running to Alpine to pick up art supplies. I'm anxious for spring, especially with the tease of 70-80s weather we had over the weekend.

So, after chatting with the owner's of Eastown Antiques, I continued down wealthy street and found The Brass Owl. 


Girly, Rockability, Kawaii, Avante Garde, Blythe, & Babushka Purses and Shoes~!

I am in love! Everyone of  Irregular Choice's designs are to die for! So many interesting details, this isn't something you can walk into DSW or Carsons and commonly find. The price is also comparable to department store prices.


Review: Eastown Antiques Grand Rapids

There are three main stores vintage in Eastown Grand Rapids that are all along Wealthy Street: Eastown Antiques, The Brass Owl, and Phil's Stuff. I took the number 6 bus Southbound on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to the Eastown, right by the popular hotdog restaurant Yesterdog, and then walked west down Wealthy St to visit the three stores. Today I'll talk about Eastown Antiques!

One of the bigger Antique stores, it is very well organized and has many different accessories, hats, tassels, and small nicknacks on the first floor. 

The bottom floor is entirely second hand clothing and furniture. I didn't find much for myself, but they do have nicer modern clothing. There wasn't too much vintage that was distinctly 80s and older, and their prices were in the medium range: $8-$20 per piece. They did have a wrack of vintage skinny ties that I picked a nice tie out of.

They also had a display of designer bags and shoes. I'm not a collector myself, but I'm sure someone out their is drooling over these finds.

The vendors working at the counter were very nice and made conversation with me about local antiques stores and directions. I would recommend this store in particular for people look for accessories, hats, ties, and menswear.

As a little bonus, look at this amazing vest! I love all the details and Rococo colors. Its more for an antique collection than wearable vintage. It would require special care, repair, and cleaning if worn, so I passed this one up. But the price was reasonable, I believe it was in the $20-30 range.


Vintage Finds: Floral Concealed Meat Fork!

Above is a strange find I came by this weekend while exploring Eastown Grand Rapids' vintage stores.  Between a bunch of antique photographs at Phil's Stuff, I saw this peeking through! A floral decorated sheath, that when opened I discovered it was a dagger/meat knife! It's 11.5 inches long and pretty scary looking! Anyone have any ideas for what it's original purpose may be? I honestly stumped. In anycase, I love how its feminine, aged, and secretly a deadly weapon. No one's messing with me in a dark alleyway!

I have been making the rounds in Grand Rapids, and I have almost visited every vintage and thrift store in the downtown area! Today after I post this blog I'm visiting the last to off my checklist: Salvation Army and St. Vincent DePaul down South Division street between classes. I think I'll have a week devoted entirely to Grand Rapids specifically for vintage clothing, and reviewing some of the shops around here.

I'm going to do this with some of Chicago's surburbs and the Chicago Downtown area when I get back home for the summer. My fellow blogger friend, Zoe who's been blogging about her last half year's experience in Spain as a foreign exchange student, also wants to do a guest blog where she talks about the vintage stores she's visited. Hope you look forward to it!


Upcoming Vintage/Antique Chicago Events

Here's a list of some upcoming shows and sales in Chicago I'm come across. I, unfortunately, will not be attending any of the first three shows. I'm going to try to arrange to make it to the Modern Vintage show.

Trunk Show. Dollparts: A Fabric and Vintage Sale
914 N. California (between Augusta and Chicago), Humboldt Park.
Saturday March 26th 12-6PM 
Sunday March 27th 1-7pm

Chez Mignon: A House of Pretty Things
At Elastic Arts Gallery in Logan Square
Elastic Arts Foundation, 2830 N Milwaukee Ave, 2nd Fl
Friday, April 1st 7pm -11:30pm

Chicago Botanical Garden Fair
1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL 60022  •  (847) 835-5440
Preview evening: Thursday, April 14, 6 – 10 p.m.
Friday – Sunday, April 15 – 17, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Modern Vintage Chicago: Spring Fashion & Jewels
Plumbers Hall
1340 W. Washington - Chicago, IL
Saturday, April 16, 2011 10am to 5pm
Sunday, April 17, 2011 10am to 5pm


Vintage Styles: Psychedelic Prints and Opt Art

That unicorn shirt is so crazy! Here are some pictures and links to some of my recent interest: strange atypical prints. Specifically, psychedelic and opt art prints.

Psychedelic art movement's main influence was the anti-war hippie movement and experimenting with mind altering drugs. Although the movement is more complex that just a bunch of hopped up teenagers, its more of a mindset, to quote Salvador Dali "I don’t take drugs, I am drugs.” Its about expanding your consciousness and embracing life on a higher plane of existence. Although I personally don't encourage it, or believe that, it's fascinating to see what other paths people take.

Opt Art is an abstract style create visual tension that can make a picture look like its moving or vibrating. Vivid colors and geometric, repeating patterns are often used. I don't have any examples of that here, the prints for these are very interesting as well. In fashion, the genre sometimes overlaps with pop art.

The fashion of the 60s and 70s reflects these art movements: swirling whimsical patterns shirts, reminiscent of The Beatle's Yellow Submarine Movie, and Prints of optical illusions and pop art patterns. I love prints that are out of the ordinary and stand alone are artwork. There's only so much paisley and floral prints you can have before it gets a little boring.

I recently bought a 70s Art Nouveau inspired shirt that's very Beatles-esque. I can't get enough of the crazy pattern! Pics to come!