Vintage Styles: Psychedelic Prints and Opt Art

That unicorn shirt is so crazy! Here are some pictures and links to some of my recent interest: strange atypical prints. Specifically, psychedelic and opt art prints.

Psychedelic art movement's main influence was the anti-war hippie movement and experimenting with mind altering drugs. Although the movement is more complex that just a bunch of hopped up teenagers, its more of a mindset, to quote Salvador Dali "I don’t take drugs, I am drugs.” Its about expanding your consciousness and embracing life on a higher plane of existence. Although I personally don't encourage it, or believe that, it's fascinating to see what other paths people take.

Opt Art is an abstract style create visual tension that can make a picture look like its moving or vibrating. Vivid colors and geometric, repeating patterns are often used. I don't have any examples of that here, the prints for these are very interesting as well. In fashion, the genre sometimes overlaps with pop art.

The fashion of the 60s and 70s reflects these art movements: swirling whimsical patterns shirts, reminiscent of The Beatle's Yellow Submarine Movie, and Prints of optical illusions and pop art patterns. I love prints that are out of the ordinary and stand alone are artwork. There's only so much paisley and floral prints you can have before it gets a little boring.

I recently bought a 70s Art Nouveau inspired shirt that's very Beatles-esque. I can't get enough of the crazy pattern! Pics to come!

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