Modern Vintage Chicago Highlights: Victorian, Scottish, Italian & Edwardian Antique Jewelry & Russian Ethnic Clothes

Here's the crew for the day. From lefthand to right: Me, Tori, Zoe, and plus my man behind the camera, Mike!

Modern Vintage Chicago had a two floor indoor show last weekend bursting at the seams with designer vintage fashion, ethnic clothing, and beautiful antiques! Here's part one of my adventure on Saturday to the event!


Outfit Post & Review for Wealthy Street, Grand Rapids Vintage and Antiques: Phil's Stuff and The Brass Owl

I have a nice long post for you today! I'm sharing today's outfit and talking about the vintage stores down wealthy street: Phil's Stuff & and The Brass Owl.

These sunglasses are so ridiculous, and I liked the colors so I couldn't pass such a strange find up! My roommates as bought a matching pair. Today I'm wearing them with my 70s psychedelic art nouveau print shirt I picked up from Vintage Heaven, with green jeans, and beige lace loafers I found over the weekend. Just a casual outfit today for going to class and running to Alpine to pick up art supplies. I'm anxious for spring, especially with the tease of 70-80s weather we had over the weekend.

So, after chatting with the owner's of Eastown Antiques, I continued down wealthy street and found The Brass Owl. 


Girly, Rockability, Kawaii, Avante Garde, Blythe, & Babushka Purses and Shoes~!

I am in love! Everyone of  Irregular Choice's designs are to die for! So many interesting details, this isn't something you can walk into DSW or Carsons and commonly find. The price is also comparable to department store prices.