Modern Vintage Chicago Outfit Rundown: Jane Marple, Ergi Piratessan, Balenciaga

bolero: vintage
crochet shirt: Rue 21
tassles: modern deadstock bought from vintage store
skirt: Jane Marple
Socks: Ergi
Shoes: vintage
hair crochet scarf: vintage

This lovely lady is my creative partner in crime, Miss Zoe! She's a bilingual creative writer who's been studying abroad in Spain for the past half year. Her blog is Para Los Encuentros Españoles.

Me and Zoe do a lot of collaborations together for different mediums of storytelling like novels, comic books, games, and whatever else we dream up.

The classy lady with the Quorra haircut and sporting 1960's Balenciaga glasses from Paris, is my friend Tori! In pre-preschool years we used to live on the same block!

Yay! :)


  1. What an amazing outfit! The lace and velvet textures are combined so beautifully. You look wonderful!

  2. I love the red outfit, it is really beautiful!

  3. You two are so cute and omg your red outfit with the tassels is BOSS! :D