Girly, Rockability, Kawaii, Avante Garde, Blythe, & Babushka Purses and Shoes~!

I am in love! Everyone of  Irregular Choice's designs are to die for! So many interesting details, this isn't something you can walk into DSW or Carsons and commonly find. The price is also comparable to department store prices.

They also have super cute purses. I personally love the Russian Nesting Doll/babushka purse.

The black boot reminds me of the Alice and Pirates boots.

And when I was I browsing through their outlet I couldn't believe it when I stumbled across a boot with a Blythe print!

Irregular Choice has a style that's very modern, high impact, and works with a variety of styles. Definitely recommended!


  1. Yes, I loved that picture too! xD
    You have a very interesting blog ^^

  2. Hey Lindsay!

    So nice to find a friend from Grand Rapids! :) We always go to those antique shops along wealthy, Love Eastown antiques :)

    ~ You should stop by our shop sometime! We are out in Cascade area, visit our website at and there should be an address and our hours available to you.

    ~ Thanks for stopping by!

    Ps. love those shoes too cute :)

  3. @Narcissique: Thank you! I try to update with helpful tidbits and recommendations as they stumble my way.

    @Everlasting Blooms: I totally will! I can't wait to see the store in person. :)

  4. I really like the black boots with the big bow <3