Vintage Styles: Oddfellows Oddities

Recently I've stumbled across some strange finds on ebay for oddfellows items. Sure the typical robe and regalia passes through ebay... but these items are something else.

The top mask is listed as 1890s ODD FELLOWS painted mesh mask By DeMoulin Bros. I'm not quite sure what its use would be, perhaps some kind of ceremonial object? Very strange and very creepy.

Regalia is fairly easy to come by, but this particular collar is unique to what I normally see listed. Silver color and metallic prints is fairly uncommon, as opposed to the typical red with embroidery.

What a beautiful book! I couldn't resist putting it up here despite the staggering price.

And my favorite... these comical numbered "watch" uniforms! (oddfellows have different classes, such as guard, watch, king, high priest, ext. Depending on what class you are you where different uniforms). I like trying to imagine what kind of scenario would call for such a uniform. I can only hope its the oddfellows extended version of Dr. Suess's thing one and thing two.

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