New Day

Minerva Materia will get a face lift soon. I'm rebranding and renaming my blog/etsy. Life is crazy, but I'll go straight to the fun stuff. Summary of my experiences since my last post:

-Interning at Luxe Marketing & Sales in downtown chicago. It's an amazing place.

-Building my illustration style.

-I'm using shopping services for online auction sites now! I was resistant ... up until I bought my first antique beast piece. I'm hooked. I will post a review of my experience with

-How to wear, and not wear striped socks. Sock Dreams has got my back.

-That I really dig the tumblr-influence occult trend going on in the fashion world. I can go to Marshalls now and find tarot themed shirts?

My current style direction is mixing vintage/modern/japanese gothic brands to create a completely unique look. It been a learning process for me what will work. When creating your own image, there is no style book to rely on. It's an ongoing dialogue and keeping an open mind to incorporating different designs elements. (I was surprised to learn that, yes, I can pull off white dresses.)

Life is treasure hunt, whatever you're looking for is out there. You just have to... look! Thank you for continuing to subscribe.